Rekha Thapa talks about Gender Inequility

Rekha Thapa is one of the top Nepali actress at present time. Today Rekha is talking about gender based violence in Nepal. She shares her story when she was child she was discriminated by her parents with her brothers. She is the younger daughter in her family. Rekha shares the fact that she left her husband without taking a single …

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Onlinekhabar talk with actress Surbina Karki

Surbina Karki is a Nepali actress and here is a recent interview with Surbina where she is talking about her debut movie, about herself and what people thinks about her. Well the debut movie by Surbina “Naike” is on set to release soon. Surbina is happy with the cine industry as she is planning to establish her carrier here. She …

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Onlinekhabar talk with actress Janwi Bohira

Janwi Bohira is a Nepali actress and here is an exclusive interview with her where she talks about herself, her carrier and her life in Nepali cine industry. Janwi entered into Nepali movie industry from dramas as she is a talented actress who like to do acts on movies that reflects traditional Nepali dresses. She don’t want to do movies …

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