Chaubandi Choli by Jhalak Pun ft. Namrata and Puspa

Vibes Digital Nepal presents new Nepali music video ‘Chaubandi Choli‘ by Jhalak Pun. The music video features Puspa Khadka, Namrata Sapkota and Dipak. The song is released by Vibes creation. The music video is choreographed by Dipak M Singh and cinematographed by Uttam Humagain. Lekhu Sahayatri has composed the lyrics and the music is composed by Dipak Sharma and arranged by Uday Raj Poudel. The music video is directed by Bishal Bhandari.

Vibes Digital has officially released this music video of Nepali song ‘Chaubandi Choli‘ which is presented by Jhalak Pun. This is a normal Nepali pop rock fusion song with a casual music video. Well there is no particular message being delivered via the music video nor it contains any story so this music video is a casual dancing number. Enjoy this musical presentation of Jhalak Pun featuring Namrata Sapkota and Puspa Khadka.

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