Hawaldar Suntali Song – Timro Dola Dola

Hawaldar Suntali is a movie by Chhabiraj Production and here is the music video of the song title Timro Dola Dola from the movie. The movie stars Shilpa Pokharel in the lead role including Kishor Khatiwoda and Sabin Shrestha. Yubaraj chaulagain and Sahima Shrestha has presented this song as the lyrics is composed by Dipak Sharma and Music by Dipak Sharma. After releasing Lazza the producer of the movie Chhabiraj Ojha has announced about the making of the movie Hawaldar Suntali with actress Shilpa Pokhare. It’s his dream to make Shilpa one of the top Nepali actress. The music video of this song Timro Dola Dola Hathma is choreographed by Kabiraj Gahatraj. This music video is officially released online by Budha Subba Music.

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