The Health benefits of Honey


Honey is always taken as the nutritive and the medicinal food in take from the long time. In the modern times too many is taken in the sense of alternative medicine. Honey is formed by the incubation in the cells which is even called as “The Nectar of the sun”.

There are various health benefits of consuming honey since honey is listed in the “power foods” that has to be in the kitchen of every people. The bees which suck the nectar swallow the juice digest and regurgitate the nectar to make honey. In this case, there are various benefits of consuming honey.

Honey contains flavonoids acids, antioxidants which help to reduce that risk of some cancer of and heart disease. So, in this state, honey can prevent disease like cancer and help to those who are suffering from heart diseases. Traditionally, honey is taken to increase the immunity power to digest against the cough and throat irritation. So far, honey has antibacterial, anti-fungal components which add the benefits are the health. It increases the level of maintaining the immunity power in athletes if they would eat honey in their daily basis.

Additionally, honey consumption helps to our health as it reduces the seasonal allergy. The diabetes patients are also helped by the in take of the honey as the diabetes patient produce insulin, but their pancreas just can’t produce insulin fast enough to prevent from increasing the level of sugar in blood. Consumption of honey is safer than sugar itself to diabetes patients as it is absorbed more slowly.

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So far, the gastrointestinal health is also benefited as the natural honey eases the upper stomach and lower intestinal tract. Bacteria like H pylori have been proving to cause the stomach ulcers. In this regard, taking honey aid to the people suffering from stomach ulcers. Honey helps to heal the wound by absorbing the calcium, weight control, and aids for quality of sleep.

Moreover, honey is the great way to help the body for dealing with hangover. So far, honey is great for skin as it locks in moisture. The dry skin is healed when the skin is rinsed off with warm water by using the honey in skin and leaving for 20 minutes. In this way, one can not only be benefited by the medicinal values of the honey, but also can be helpful for the beauty purposes.

In a nutshell, honey is a sweet liquid which is produced by honey bees, using nectar from flowers through a process of evaporation and regurgitation. In this sense, honey has height levels of fructose and glucose containing about 70 to 90 percent sugar, which gives it its sweet taste, mineral and water which is made up the rest of its composition. In this case, the honey is treated as traditional ayurvedic medicine. Therefore, one has to consume honey since it is made up of glucose, fructose and minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphate, sodium chloride, potassium, magnesium.

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