Timi Sanga by Swaroop Raj Acharya ft. Benisha Hamal

In loving Memory of Late, Radha Baral lyricist Kiran Baral wrote a wonderful lyrics for the song Timi Sanga for the album ‘Sarthak‘. Timi Sanga is a Nepali sentimental song by Swaroop Raj Acharya featuring  Benisha Hamal. The song is distributed online by Asian Music.
The music of this Nepali sentimental song ‘Timi Sanga‘ is composed by B.B Anuragi. Anuragi has also done the arrangement of the song. We can see the music video starring Benisha Hamal, Nirajan Pradhan, Kiran Baral, Suresh, Rajendra and Ranjan. Hari Humagain is the camera man of the music video of Nepali song ‘Timi Sanga‘. The Editing of the song is done by Nishan Ghimire as the Direction is done by Bishal Bhandari.
The music video is released online by Asian Music (Copyright Reserved)

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