Timi Timi Chhau by Bibek Sitaula

Bibek Sitaula’s new Nepali music video ‘Timi Timi Chhau‘ has been released recently by Rebel Entertainment. The music video featuring Priyanka Karki and Jeevan Thapa is out now on Youtube via Rebel Entertainment’s  official Youtube Channel.

The love genre song ‘Timi Timi Chhau‘ has a well presented music videos with awesome graphics and scenes. Although the music video features only these two characters but you will love watching the video until it ends as the song has got some kind of magic which will make you listen the song till the end. The video is taken on beautiful location which makes you keep watching the video.

The lyrics and music for the song is composed by the singer Bibek Sitaula as the song is arranged by Shailendra Pradhan “Babu”.

Enjoy Nepali love song Timi Timi Chhau by Bibek Sitaula featuring Priyanka Karki and Jeevan.

  1. grurung says

    yeti garnu ko badla baru bollywood ko video ma tauko matra jode pugihalthyo.. copy garne ni tarika huncha ni yar…

  2. barak lama says

    gurung ko buddhi surung vitra vaneko yehi ho,
    kati ramro sanga presentation gareko chha hernu 6aina ?

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