Ukali Jaada by Bipan Rai

A new music video “Ukali Jaada” has released recently by Bipan Rai. A fusion of typical Nepali Purbeli rhythm and pop the song is really impressive. These days it’s really hard to find such beautiful number in Nepali music industry. The song is included in Bipan Rai’s music album Korma.

With the music and lyrics by the singer himself the music video features Tsering Dekhyi and Bipan Rai. Om Karmacharya has done the Cinematography, editing and direction of the music video. Om has arranged the music too. While moving to instruments, Drums by Mingma Magar, Bass by Shishir Man Singh, Rhythm by Sonam Lama, Lead by Alok Bhujel, Keyboard by Bibek Rai, Madal by Saurav Rai and Flute by Suman Rai.

Check out the music video as available on Youtube, we hope you guys love this song. Keep loving Nepali Music.

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