Chitthi Bhitra by Sajjan Raj Vaidya

Chitthi Bhitra is a Nepali romantic song by young and talented singer Sajjan Raj Vaidya. The song is performed and produced by Sajjan Raj Vaidya himself.

The lyrics of the song Chitthi Bhitra is written by Sajjan Raj Vaidya. Suffice to say the song is beautiful and touching. “For she, whom I love the most, who inspires me with her everything every single moment, my music, my heart, my love.”, reads the description of the song. The song was the New Year’s treat for the music lovers as it was released on the first day of 2018. The song Chitthi Bhitra is one of such songs that has made the Nepali Music Industry what it is today. Songs like these are purely pearls in the industry.

The video is officially released online by Sajjan Raj Vaidya via YouTube. Do watch this amazing video from here:

Here is the lyrics for Chitthi Bhitra :

Chitthi bhitra rakhera pathaundai chhu
Mero maya ma timi lai,
Kholi padhi deuna hai
Aatey jati bharera paanaa haru
Maya ka kura lekhera,
Mann le jaaneko sabai
Akchyar akchayar jodhera
Bhawana haru sabai pokhera
Timi lai nai, sumpidiyen yo mann
Timro astitwa le nai
mero astitwa lai artha dinchha
Haanso le khusi cheene jhain
Mero mutu le timi lai cheenchha

Hami dui ek-arka kai sahaaraa le
Baanchaunla hamro jindagi,
Eutai naam bokera
Budheslkaalmaa haanso le chauriyeka
Hamra anuhar ka rekha le,
Hamrai kavya korera
Mero swar, mero sangeet
Timrai naam garera
Ma timrai nimti jiyen jeevan
Timro astitwa le nai
Mero astitwa lai artha dincha
Haanso le khusi cheene jhain
Mero mutu le timi lai cheenchha

Bhayejati mero maya
Ali ali gardaa gardai
Timrai hatkelaa maa mailey
Lyai rakhidiyen sabai
Timrai haanso ko drishya le
Mero khusi lai rupa dinchha
Timro astitwa le nai
Mero astitwa lai artha dinchha

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