DV Lottery 2017 Result

DV Lottery
image source : usdvlotteryportal.com

The result of DV Lottery 2017 is going to be released tonight at 9:45 PM (Nepal Time). The DV Lottery result will be available on the official website of US Government as the US Embassy Nepal tweeted about it.

All the applicant can check their DV Lottery status using the ticket number including their name and date of birth via the official website.  This result includes the applicants who had submitted the EDV form from 1st October 2015 to 3rd November 2015.

Every year more than 50,000 people get their change to enter USA by the help of electronic Digital Visa. Thousands of Nepalese try their luck and lot of them get chance to enter USA every year. EDV Lottery was started by US government in the year 1995 to allow non US resident to enter their country.

To check your DV Lottery 2017 status : Click Here

  1. mekonn demoze henok says

    hey show my result pleas

    1. Prakriti says

      Please check in the above link with your personal details.

  2. Tapan Joydar says

    Dv lottery us

  3. Tapan Joydar says

    Dv lottarey USA I am tapanjoydar

  4. Narayan prasad aryal says

    Dear sir/madam
    Have a nice day

    Can I get form for 2018.I try it every year but I don’t have luck. I believe that one day I will get this chance.

  5. Mukta bahadur gharti says

    Plz check my result

    1. Saye ,Brenda Nellyah says

      Pls Chuck my DV result

      1. Saye ,Brenda Nellyah says

        I wants to knows if I win DV 2017-18

  6. pem narayan bhandari says

    i am pem narayan bhandai i hope of curse i will get lottery edv

  7. Dil Shrees says

    I am lucky

  8. nagaraju. muthyala says

    Hi sir i want try to form us plz tell me sir how can i try

  9. LAOUARI AMAL says

    Plz chuck my result

  10. mustefa Teshome says

    I can’t check my result


    It is good for Africa,china and some Aruba

  12. Abebe negeri says

    I can’t check my result

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