Kamal ko Ful by Rijan Giri ft. Sirjana Karki


Kamal ko ful

Kamal ko Ful is a Nepali romantic song by talented singers Rijan Giri and Srijana Karki. This video of the song features talented artists like Bidur Parajuli and Aliza Neupane. The video is directed by and edited by Aneel Neupane. This music video beautifully filmed by Nibhal Bajracharya. The lyrics of the song Kamal ko Ful is written by Rijan Giri himself and the music is arranged by Kabid Bazra and Riken Maharjan. The track is mixed and mastered by Bazra Creation Records.

“The music video portrays story of a common Nepali man who has decided to let go of his expatriate life, and return back to Nepal for good with ‘Kamal ko ful’ (a lotus flower) . Bidur and Aliza are playing the lead role in the video. Furthermore – the video portrays Aliza’s anticipation as she awaits Bidur’s return back home. The video has a delightful ending as the lead characters reunite at a local village carnival. Love wins. ‘Kamal ko ful’ is a musical attempt to inspire Nepalese youth to return to their motherland. “, reads the description of the song.

The video is officially released online by Voices from the Mountains via YouTube. Do watch the video from here:

Here is the lyrics for Kamal ko Ful:

Kamala ko ful timi lyaaula
Khusi sabai timilai diula
Matra timi bhana sailee
Timro lagi jyanai diula
Chadragiri ma chadi aaula
Batasama ma nai fasaula
Oyilayeko chhaina hai sailee
Timi bhana jyaanai diula
Aakasha ko joona tipi lyaaula
Dukha sabai ma nai bhogoula
Timi mero mutu sailee
Khusi sabai timilai diula….

Sagar tari ma ghar aaula
Maya mero timilai diula
Astayeko chhaina ghaama
Kuri basa hai chautarima
Timi ra ma ghar basaula
Ekantama sangai ramaula
Ghar pari ko tyo maidanama
Basi hami tara ganaula
Nepal desh mai karma garaula
Khetela ni aafai banaula
Ghaans bari ani gaigothama
Basi hami gobar soroula
hahaha ha hahaha……

Guransa ko ful timi lyaaula
Timro sir ma sajaula
Sangai bachi hasi ra khusi
Hate malo hami garoula

Sayapatri ful timi lyaauhai
Mero sir ma sajau hai
Sangai bachi hasi ra khusi
Hatemalo hami garau hai
Nepal deshmai farki aau hai
Rato sadi malai lyaau hai
Dina raat kuri ma base
Aba dherai nakuraau hai

Kamala ko ful timi lyaaula
Timro sir ma sajaula
Sangai bachi hasi ra khusi
Hate malo hami garoula….

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