Ma Timro by Swoopna Suman

Ma Timro

Ma Timro is a Nepali romantic song by talented singer Swoopna Suman. He is the lyricist, vocalist, and the composer of the very song. It is arranged and recorded by Firoj Bajracharya. Neesha Khaling is the director of the music video for this song which is edited by Neesha Khaling and Anjon Limbu.

Ma Timro is a romantic song that describes how eager he is to meet the love of his life. Swoopna Suman is a versatile singer and a great artist who has been becoming trending and popular with every new song he drops. Swoopna Suman has a unique voice and unique genre in music. Usually he prefers to write and compose his songs by himself. This is what makes him stand out of the crowd in music field. Although Suman Thapa is his real name, he goes by the alias Swoopna Suman in the Nepali Music Industry. “This song is for everyone who believe in Fairy Tales because, I do too “, reads in the description of the video by Swoopna Suman

The video is officially released online by Channel Arbitrary via YouTube. Do watch this beautiful video which  features  Malika Mahat and Swoopna Suman:

Here is the lyrics for Ma Timro:

Akashai ma nau lakhe tara Cadd9
Tara lai dhakne kalo tyo badal
Badal xicholi aunechu mata
Lina timilai mero yo satha
Auna ma sanga udera hera,
Auna ma sanga udera hera
Junaiko najika
Dinechu timilai ajambari maya
Ankhai ma rakhera
Sajaune chhu mero mutuko majha
Angalo kholera
Timi thamideu haata
Naxoda saathaa
Bolideu mayaka dui mitha baata
Auuna auuu ma sanga gaa wuu
Ankha ughari hera malai timro
Najikai chhune mutumai rakha
Angala malai timrai ma huni
Ma timro huuuuuu…
Huuuuuu….. huuuuu…….
chhuni ma timro huuuu……
Huuuu….. huuuuuu

Mani nidhayeka ankhale timro
Nindra ma herera
Suni rahanchau geet ta yo mero
Musukka hasera
Pareli timro jhim jhim garchau..
Haatale mero aaula samauchau… wuuuuu
Najikai aauu malai samaau
Chiso chha mutu nyano banai timro
Saathaima rakha jaana na deu
Saamhala malai timrai ma huni
Ma timro huuuuu…….
Huuuuuu….. huuuuu…….
chhuni ma timro huuuu……
Huuuu….. Huuuuu

Raat yo katera jaalaa…
Saatha yo chhutera jaalaa
Haat yo dinechu sadhai….
Aasha boki….. hidi ra ha nechu

Akashai ma nau lakhe tara…

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