Actress Binita Ghimire’s desire to make movie

Binita Ghimire

Actress Binita Ghimire who debuted in Nepali film through movie Honeymoon had already acted in number of other movies too. Although after playing important roles in movies like Rahadhani, Matan, One side love, Crime in Love and Kasto Tension she hasn’t been able to establish herself as a successful actress. But this actress is not the one to give up so easily so she is thinking of trying her hand at different area of Nepali industry besides acting and that will be movie production. Actress has expressed her desire to turn into a producer.

Binita Ghimire who is currently in Australia due to some work matters said that she went to Australia just for short time duration and will be back soon. Further she also added that she can’t be separated from Nepali film industry but will still try and struggle harder to make a place for herself here.

Although her movie Kasto Tension was a commercial failure, it helped her to garner positive feedback from the audiences. She was also praised for her acting skills in her other movies too and also after charity show of movie Rahadhani. Despite having attractive physical features and acting abilities she hasn’t been able to taste success so far and many re-known producers and directors with big banners haven’t signed her. More than half dozen of her movies are still to be released but also she is thinking of going for production of the movie. Maybe she really is not backing down!

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  1. amir says

    I hate this lady (binita ghimire)

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