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Bob Saget

Want to Know Bob Saget net worth How much?

Well the popular Hollywood actor Bob Saget is net worth $100 Million dollar being a multi-talented personality. Robert Lane “Bob” Saget born on May 17, 1956 is an American actor, television host and stand-up comedian. He had attended Temple University’s film school and graduated with B.A. in 1978. Hollywood star of Entertainment Industry, Bob Saget owns a net worth of $100 million. Initially, Saget wanted to get into the medicine career but his grades were lackluster and even got more badly when his family moved from Philadelphia to Encino, California, while he was teenager.

While staying in Los Angeles, he started channeling his natural comic talents into a stand-up routine. He spent the years on comic club circuit, developing his act and unique commentary. Once, he met Brad Grey who became his manager. He got some roles in television and film, but his breakthrough incidence came as part of a news show. In 1987, he joined CBS’s The Morning Program to add some humor to the show which was co-hosted by Mariette Hartley and Rolland Smith. After six months, he left the show “The Morning Program” which later prove to be his greatest success. The show was “Full House” where he got the role of nicest, albeit, wimpiest dads. The show got successful to be in the top 2 after it was premiered on ABC in the fall of 1987. The show was hugely loved by the audience. As being very active career in show business, he has been a producer for five times, director for nine times and a writer for six times. Also, he has been an editor once. Popular with his stand-up comedy, he has acted in 46 different pieces voice.

Bob Saget net worth

Though Bob Saget is popularly known for the America’s Funniest Videos, but he is probably remembered most as America’s favorite dad for his hit show, “Full Show”. He had earned $8,333,333 for film “Meet Wally Sparks”, $6,250,000 for movie Half Baked and $5,714,286 for movie Dirty Work. Similarly he had earned $5,128,205 and $4,247,826 from the movie New York Minute and The aristocrats respectively. With an almost 30 year career in the entertainment industry, he has become successful to be one of the richest celebrity. In the year of 2011, he has a net worth of $51,282,051, in 2012 he owns $67,796,610 and $83,333,333 in 2013. Similarly he own $90,909,091 and $100,000,000 in year 2014 and 2015 respectively.

If the past can be the indicator of the future, Bob Saget, Stand-up comic, host and actor has no neet to worry about money. With his savings, smart business decision, advertising product and restaurant ownership, it is no wonder that he is one of the wealthiest actors in the world. If you want to know if Bob Saget is active on social media or not, then for your kind information hes has over 2.41M followers on Twitter and 284K fans on his official Facebook Page.

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