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Cilla Black

The popular singer and actress Cilla Black is net worth $27 million. Today we are going to talk about some interesting and unknown facts about Cilla Black. Stay tuned to this post.

Cilla Black was an English singer, television presenter and actress. Cilla was born on May 27, 1943 in Liverpool England. She had grown up in Scotland, she had attended St. Anthony’s School. Cilla begun her career as singer in 1963 by releasing singles like “Anyone Who Had a Heart” and “You are My World”. The songs reached number one. The singer of the top songs had led a successful life by having the net worth of $27 million and $16 million of real estate property.

Cilla came from very poor family and she was grown up in craped flat above barber’s shop. She had a very hard life before. About her music career, she first contract with long-time friend and neighbor Terry McCann. After signing her first contract, she subsequently signed with Brian Epstein who persuaded to audition. At the beginning of her career, she worked as a local artists. She was rejected in her very first audition due to her nerves. Then she was introduced to George Martin who signed her to Parlophone Records to release her debut single, “Love of the Loved”. She released her second single “Anyone Who Had a Heart” in 1964. The single become the huge success by getting listed in UK Charts and rising to No. 1 in Britain. The single of her sold out 800,000 copies. Similarly, both of the song sold over one million copies world-wide and for this she was awarded gold discs. By selling million copies of her song, it helped to increase a lot of revenue and to lead her in a prosperous life. Cilla was closely associated with The Beatles. Apart from her music career, Epstein helped Cilla to pursue acting career too. She had gave her brief appearance in the “beat” film Ferry ‘Cross the Mersey in 1965. In 1968, she release another hit song “Step Inside Love”. She continued to give other hit songs like, “If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind”, “Something Tells Me” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

You’re My World by Cilla Black (Source: Youtube)

52 years of hard work in her career, Cilla earned a net worth of $27 million. She had earned $2,622,378 from selling of Step Inside Love and $2,130,682 from Something Tells Me. Similarly, she had earned $1,623,377, $1,217,532 from Heart and Soul and $1,039,357 from the selling of her song Through the Years. Being as a great gem of music industry, her net income in year 2012 was $8,571,429 and in 2013 her net worth was $12,000,000. In 2014 her net worth rose to $13,043,478 and in 2015 it continues to rise $15,000,000. Apart from her net worth, she has lot of valuable asset located in different places from Caribbean to the Costa del Sol. In 1970, she brought home for family – 17 acre estate near village of Denham, Buckinghamshire. The estate contains indoor swimming pool, tennis court, ten bedrooms and five bathrooms which is worth of $8 million. She also owns a sixth-floor penthouse property in Westminster, Central London which is worth about $3.36 million. In 1966, she bought a villa in Estepona which is worth of $2.92 million. She had bought a beachfront home at the Reeds House Complex between Holetown and Speighttown.

Cilla Black net worth

At the age of 72, Cilla Black died at her holiday home near Estepona, Spain on August 1, 2015. According to the post-mortem report, it reports that she had died from a stroke. Cilla had also expanded her portfolio by hosting hit entertainment shows like Blind Date and Surprise Surprise. Considered as one of the legends in British musicians, she leaved behind a whopping $25 million net worth. Cilla had leave an incredible music and entertainment legacy to millions of us. The world will remember always for her contribution.

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