Cold war going on between Director and Producer of movie “Fitkiri”


It is evident that whenever there is release of the movie, the relation between the producer and the director ruins in Nepali Movie industry most of the time. The relation goes on changing as there is the problem in money. In this case, it has become a trend to have the cold relation between producer and the director of the movie.

The case of “Fitkiri” turns to be also same as the producer and the director are having some cold relation. The movie is directed by Anup Baral and the movie is to be released from 7th of Chaitra. The Producers of the movie are Arjun Kumar and Sumit Mainali. Anup Baral and Arjun Kumar are in the news for not having good relation. Anup Baral’s “Fitkiri” is the first movie that is to be released as Producer, Arjun Kumar’s movie “Chappali Height” has already become successful.

The Producer and the director of the movie, “Fitkiri” were already having some misunderstanding from the beginning of the shooting. It was vivid in the press conference that was conducted on Thursday. Director, Anup Baral even committed that he had some misunderstanding with his Producer, Arjun Kumar but he added that those incidents are happened for good deeds.

In the contrast, the Producer, Arjun Kumar responses that if the movie becomes successful then only he will be forgetting all the misunderstanding created between them.

The Director even adds that he does not know how the movie has made according to his thought but he says that he has not thought to be inactive in that sense. But for him, he states that the movie cannot run successfully even if the movie is good enough. The Producer of the movie, Arjun Kumar in the end has thanked other producer but he eventually didn’t take name of the Director of the movie.

The movie is considered to be investigative genre of thriller. Director, Anup Baral has taken the metaphor of “Fitkiri” which is used as the medicine to signify the medium to reduce the criminal acts that are happening in the cities. As the leading character of the movie, Saugat Malla has stated that the film tends to be very successful for his effort shown in the movie.

Director Nischal Basnet, Diya Maskey, Shanti Giri are the freshers characters who started their career in the movie. Both of the actresses have attended the Press Conference. The film unit has shared the good wishes with its crew members by celebrating Holi festival. It is also noted that the movie has got the right to release the movie in Australia, Japan, Thailand, and other countries before releasing in Nepal.

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