Emilio Estevez Net Worth

In the film business, Emilio Estevez is the recognized name who is an actor, director and producer through profession. This profession of Estevez had added monetary success to his net worth which is estimated to be around $15 million US Dollars. He was born on May 12, 1962 in Staten Island, New York, he had graduated from Santa Monica High School in 1980. In his early career, he had his first role in a drama produced by Catholic Paulist Order. After his first role in the drama, he made his stage debut with his father in Mister Roberts at Burt Reynolds.

In 1980s, Estevez began to receive increasing number of acknowledgement when he had his role in “Brat Pack”. He was credited as the leader on the group of young actors. Besides from his role in Brat Pack, he had gave his appearance on “The Outsiders”, “Repo Man”, “That Was Then, This Is Now”, “Maximum Overdrive”, “Wisdom”, “Platoon” and “Stakeout”. He had also been admired through giving appearance on western movies like “Young Guns” and “Young Guns II”. He had gained his popularity by acting in movies like “The Mighty Ducks” and “Bobby”. At the same time, the films provided him a lot of earning through which his net worth has increased. Through the 1996 movie “The Mighty Ducks” he had earned $3 million dollars.

Apart from his acting career, he has directed television shows and motion pictures. He has made the directional debut with the film “Wisdom”. This made him the youngest person to direct, write and star in. The other motion pictures that he has direct includes “Cold Case”, “Close to Home”, “The Guardian”, “CSI:NY”, “Men at Work” and “The War at Home”. For his contribution in the music industry as an actor, director and writer, he has been nominated for various awards. In the Hollywood Film Festival, he was awarded with title “Ensemble of the Year” for movie “Bobby” and “Best Theatrical Motion Picture” for Young Guns. Apart from these, he has been in nomination of various awards like Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, Golden Globe Awards, ALMA Awards and many more.

About the payment he has earned from the movie through his appearance, he was paid $3,750,000 by acting in the movie “Abominable Christmas”, $3 million from movie “The Way”, $2.5 million from “Arthur and the Invisibles”. Similarly, he was paid around $2.2 million by his appearance on “Bobby”, $1.7 million from movie “The L.A. Riot Spectacular” and $1.4 through the movie Sand. He was paid $1.1 million by giving his role in movie “Rated X” and $833,333 from the movie “Late Last Night”. In the year of 2013 his net worth was around $10 million and in 2014 it rose to $13 million. Presently with $15 million, he has been one of the richest recognized actor in the movie industry.

Things to know about Emilio Estevez

Full Name: Emilio Estevez
Date of Birth: 12th May, 1962
Emilio Estevez Net Worth: $15 Billion (Estimated)

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