Farrah Abraham Net Worth

Farrah Lynn Abraham also known with her short name Farrah Abraham is an American reality television personality who is renowned for being cast in the reality television shows “16 and Pregnant”. She was born in Omaha, Nebraska on May 31, 1991 and while she was a child, she was always abused by her parents. During her school life, she used to be a cheerleader for her high school. She came into popularity after she was cast in the reality television series “16 and Pregnant” which portrays the pregnancies and first months of motherhood of lots of young women. After acting in this show, she came into prominence and through her hard she work she earned overall net worth of $1 million.

Abraham made breakthrough in her career by appearing on the second episode of “16 and Pregnant” which was aired on MTV on June, 2009. The reality show documented her pregnancy and her first month of motherhood. After this reality show, she starred in the spin off series of “Teen Mom”. The “Teen Mom” was aired on December 8, 2009. The earnings from these two played an important role to increase her net worth. After all these show in 2011, she attend the “Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale” in Florida, from where she earned associate degree in culinary arts and management. Apart from her acting in the television show, she released her debut studio album titled “My Teenage Dream Ended” from where she earned quite a few money and got the mixed review from critics about her singing career.

In her second show she had made an earnings of $75,000 per show and as well as she got $20,000 per season in bonuses from MTV. She is also an entrepreneur through which she rise her net worth. Similarly, she had earned $115,000 from her first debut studio album “My Teenage Dream Ended” and another $45,000 for her questionably titled children’s book “Passy Perfume”. The salary she gains from her modeling work is 420,000, modeling exclusive paparazzi pics includes $5,000 per year in salary and around $35,000 from her other works. From the endorsement deal with Raspberry Tones, she had earned $120,000 in a year and other major endorsement deal of Farrah Abraham includes “The Biggest Limo”.

In 2013, Farrah Abraham starred in adult movie with James Deen which was released under the guise of being a home video of two. The tape under the title “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom” to Vivid Entertainment. As it was sale to the Vivid Entertainment, but it was marketed as the leaked sex tape. From the sex tape, Farah Abraham made $10,000 payout and 30% of royalties from the video. Altogether from the video she had earn $1.5 million. Beside of having ups and downs in her life, she is struggling hard in entertainment world.

Things to know about Farrah Abraham

Full Name: Farrah Lynn Abraham

Date of Birth: 31st May, 1991

Farrah Abraham in Facebook: 1.5M Fans on Facebook

Farrah Abraham in Twitter: 1.27M Followers on Twitter

Farrah Abraham in Instagram: 1M Followers on Instagram

Farrah Abraham Net Worth: $3-6 Million (Estimated)

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