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Freddie Roach is one of the famous name in the world of boxing, who is boxing trainer and former professional fighter himself and had earn a net worth of $20 million US. Freddie was born in Dedham, Massachusetts on March 5, 1960. In his young age, he was trained by Tariq Nasiri along with his brothers. Before starting his professional boxer, he trained himself to be a dominant force in the New England amateur and AAU ranks. He entered into the ring as a professional boxer in 1978, fighting as a lightweight and won his first 10 bouts. Both of the profession as a boxing trainer and professional boxer, have added $20 million net worth. He is popular for the boxing in the entire world.

Starting his career as a professional boxer on 1978, fighting as a lightweight and he had won his first 10 match. Roach was trained under the popular trainer Eddie Futch and made a winning record of 26-1. In his career as a boxer, he was renowned for being able to take on a barrage of punches. Later on, signs of Parkinson’s diseases were founded in him. So, his trainer Eddie Futch asked him to retire but he denied and continued his career by making his father as a trainer. After this he went on to lose five of his last six before retiring at the age of 26. In his career as boxer, his best payday was $7,500. With his brother, he owns the boxing club called “Wild Boxing Club” in Los Angeles. As a boxing trainer, he had trained various boxers including Brian Viloria, Guillermo Rigondeaux, Dimitri, Kirilov, James Toney, Manny Pacquiao, Jorge Linares, Miguel Cotto, Mike Tyson and many others. Likewise, he additionally served as a trainer of a girl boxing champ, Lucia Rijker. The success of all these boxers have played an important role to increase his overall net worth. Apart from training boxer, he has trained several mixed martial artist as Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, Frank Mir, B.J. Penn. Tito Ortiz, Mauricio Rua, Andrei Arlovski, Gegard Mousaski and many others. With the success of these mixed martial artist, he kept his increasing net worth.

After he retired from his boxing career, he worked as a telemarketer and a busboy around Las Vegas. Getting enough from his job as a telemarketer and a busboy, he got a new position as an assistant of Eddie Futch for five years. For his successful boxing trainer career, he is acclaimed by being included into The World Boxing Hall of Fame, California Boxing Hall of Fame and Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame. Also, he won Lifetime Achievement Award from World Boxing Council and was titled as “Trainer of the Year” for 6 times. Through his career as boxing trainer and former professional boxer, he has earned an estimated net worth of $22 million. As he is also successful boxing trainer, his net worth will be increasing in coming years.

Things to know about Freddie Roach

Full Name: Freddie Roach

Date of Birth: 5th March, 1960

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Freddie Roach in Twitter: 293K Followers on Twitter

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Freddie Roach Net Worth: $22 Million (Estimated)

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