Hate Story 2 Review and Box Office Collection

Hate Story 2

“Hate Story 2” is the much hyped Bollywood movie, which has generated great interest due to its intimate scenes. It follows as a sequel to “Hate Story”, a 2012 movie which was similar in content. Vikram Bhatt and Bhushan Kumar have produced the movie, while Vishal Pandya has directed it. The lead roles have been played by Surveen Chawla and Jay Bhanushali, who had started their careers as TV artists, while Surveen has done some Punjabi films too. Sushant Singh has played an important role in the movie too and the surprise package in the movie is Sunny Leone with her item song “Pink Lips”. The movie created a buzz at the Censor Board because of its hot scenes, leading to a good amount of pre release publicity. Moreover, the movie has been publicized with very hot posters and trailers. “Hate Story 2” was released on 18th July, 2014.

The Plot

The original “Hate Story” was a revenge saga, starring Paoli Dam, Nikhil Dwivedi and Gulshan Devaiah in the lead roles. Following on the same lines, “Hate Story 2” is the revenge story of another young girl Sonika (Surveen Chawla), who is in the shackles of a corrupt politician Mandaar (Sushant Singh), as his keep. However, she is able to get some happiness in her life when she meets a young boy Akshay (Jay Bhanushali) at her photography class and they fall in love. What follows is some steamy scenes between the two, which have nothing to do with the story, and have been used just to add some masala to it. But they are separated by Mandaar who tries to kill them both but Sonika survives, and the story moves ahead with Sonika taking revenge for the death of her lover and punishing Mandaar for his wrong doings.

The Performances

Surveen has shown her experience as a seasoned actress and the whole movie revolves around her. Sushant Singh shines in his negative role, but Jay Bhanushali is utterly average. The director has tried to compensate the lack of depth in the story by adding some very, very hot scenes, but the movie actually lacks on the screenplay front. Moreover, the editing of the movie is poor, with no connection between back and front sequences popping up here and there. The music is average, not to mention the remix of the sizzling number “Aaj Phir Tum Pe Pyar Aaya Hai” from Vinod Khanna-Madhuri Dixit starrer “Dayavan”. The item song by Sunny Leone may do some benefit to the movie. Overall, “Hate Story 2” is just a mix of a few bold scenes and nothing more than that.

Box Office Collections

“Hate Story 2” has been released with two other films namely, “Pizza”, a horror movie and “Amit Sahni ki List”, a comedy flick. However, the movie has been able to overtake them both, making a total box office collection of nearly Rs 18.25 crore in the first four days after its release. Perhaps the sizzling hot trailers, coupled with negative Censor publicity have done the trick for the movie. And not to forget, the item number by the latest Bollywood sensation Sunny Leone!!

Weekly Box office collection report of Hate Story 2

  • Friday Collection = 5.92 Cr
  • Saturday Collection = 4.74 Cr
  • Sunday Collection = 5.65 Cr
  • Monday Collection = 2.68 Cr
  • Tuesday Collection = 2.57 Cr
  • Wednesday Collection = 2.46 Cr
  • Thursday Collection = 2.04 Cr
  • 1 Week Total = 26.06 Cr
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