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Thomas Jacob “Jack” Black is an American comedian, actor and producer who is mainly recognized for acting in comedy films has made a net worth of $25 million. He is known for his roles in movies including “High Fedality”, “Shallow Hal”, “King Kong”, “Bernie” and “Goosebumps”. He was born on August 28, 1969 in Santa Monica, California and had attended two school, one Poseidon School and another Crossroads School. His first commercial television acting began when he was of 13 years old and his adult career began by acting on Prime time Television. On the television, he played the roles on shows including “Life Goes On”, “Northern Exposure”, “Mr. Show”, “The Golden Palace” and “The X-Files”. The other roles during his early career includes “Airborne”, “Demolition Man”, “Waterworld”, “The Fan”, “Dead Man Walking” and others.

The breakthrough role became the movie “High Fedality”. He had appeared in the High Fedality in 2000 portraying the role as a wild employee in John Cusack’s record store. From the movie, he had earned $250 thousand. After the move, he got the lead role in other movies like Shallow Hal, Nacho Libre, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, Year One and Gulliver’s Travels. He became the character of appraisal and earned a relevant amount too. Apart from his acting career, he became voice actor too. He had voiced in the title role in Kung Fu Panda and its other series Kung Fu Panda 2 and Kung Fu Panda 3. From the movie he made $7 million for panda voice. All the panda series has become a big success on the Box office. Similarly, he earned $1 million, $2 million and $2.5 million salary from “Saving Silverman”, “Shallow Hal” and “High Fedality” respectively.

He is also one of the most recognized actors working in Hollywood. He is the standard holder of Generation X Demographic because of his high energetic and powerful activities. Jack Black is also the member of comedy group “Frat Pack” which has made its appearance on various Hollywood movies. The group was also nominated for the Golden Globe Award. For his contribution in the Hollywood, he has been nominated for the various award including Golden Globe Award, Gotham Award, Teen Choice Award, People Choice Award and many more. Before 2 years in 2013, his net worth was $17 million and in 2014 it rose to $20 million. After appearing and contributing in different movies, his net worth in 2015 was $25 million. About his personal life, he is married to Tanya Haden and lives with two son Samuel Jason “Sammy Black” and Thomas David Black.

Things to know about Jack Black

Full Name: Thomas Jacob (Jack) Black

Date of Birth: 28th August, 1969

Jack Black in Facebook: 7.2M Fans on Facebook

Jack Black in Twitter: 200K Followers on Twitter

Jack Black in Instagram: 1.5M Followers on Instagram

Jack Black Net Worth: $30 Million

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