Jesse Wellens Net Worth

Jesse Michael Wellens, an American YouTube personality is famous for founding PrankvsPrank. Born on September 25, 1982, he was always troublemaker during his childhood and when he was of 16 years old, he was kicked out of school but did manage to graduate. Apart from PrankvsPrank, Jesse manage other channels including BFvsGF, DownRangeGaming and Chipchocolate. The combined network of these channels owner i.e. Jesse Wellens and Jeana is approximately $2.3 million.

Jesse met Jeana for the first time at restaurant and gave his number and after several weeks Jeana agreed to be with him. He also started a long distance relationship with Jeana when he was stationed in Korea for one year. He has been with Jeana for 10 years and lives with her in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Before being YouTube personality, he was in Air Force for Six years. After he leaved the Air Force, he started helping Jeans on their YouTube Channels. One of their channel DownRangeGaming is about his life while he games and ChipChocolate channel is about his song/music video “Cookie Dance”. About the personal life, Jesse has shared, he has been once married while in Air Force but ended quickly and implied that he does not wants to marry again. Since he is with Jeana, he is planning to propose Jeana and is waiting for the right moment to propose. As of right now, Jessie and Jeana channel “BFvsGF” has more than 6 million subscribers and more than 1.5 billion vies. BFvGF is full of funny challenges and video from their trips.

The net worth of BFvsGF channel owner is estimated to be of $2.3 million. In 2013, they were named as best pranksters on YouTube. As they are one of the famous face in YouTube and has increased their popularity by their channel like BFvsGF and PrankvsPrank, their net worth is very likely to grow in future. Through the help of YouTube, Jesse Wellen has earn a net worth of $2.3 billion.

Things to know about Jesse Michael Wellens

Full Name: Jesse Michael Wellens

Date of Birth: 25th September, 1982

Jesse Wellens in Facebook: 1.3M Fans in Facebook

Jesse Wellens in Twitter: 1.45M Followers in Twitter

Jesse Wellens in Instagram: 2.3M Followers in Instagram

Jesse Wellens Net Worth: $5 Million

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