Jim Skrip Net Worth

Jim Skrip is a retired accountant, who is best known for being the husband of Vanessa Williams. He is an American nationality who resides in Buffalo, New York, United States. The former star of Desperate Housewives, Skrip’s hard work has made him to bring in the estimated net worth of 10 million Dollar. Jim Skrip has graduated from St. Bonaventure Uniersity in 1984 and became an advocate of the School’s business program.

Known for being the husband of Venessa Williams, he started dating her and got employed the preceding year. They got into wedding after being in relationship for 3 years. They got wed on lately on 4th July of 2015 on the Independence Day before their family and friends. His wife is the very first African American girl who has been crowned as Miss America. The former accountant, Jim Skrip came to lime light as husband of Vanessa Williams. As a native of Buffalo, NY, his total estimated net worth is of $9 million.

Things to know about Jim Skrip

Full Name: Jim Skrip

Date of Birth: 1st January, 1960

Jim Skrip Net Worth: $9 Million

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