Junga Bahadur Ko Coat successfully premiered in Australia

Jangabahadur ko coat

Feedback of the audiences to the premiere of movie Junga Bahadur Ko Coat, which was done in Melbourne city of Australia, has been publicized. Film unit gets good response from masses as shown in the published video. Audiences mostly liked and praised story material and music of the movie.

Actor Bimlesh who was excited with audience’s response said that he is optimistic about the movie. Bimlesh said that he has given 200 percent in the film and he is hopeful that his hard work won’t go in vain. ‘After acting in the movies, this film has already given 50 percent height to my career and the remaining 50 will be decided by support from audiences after the release of the movie. And I am sure that this movie will help me to gain that remaining percent too’, said Bimlesh.

Production unit said that Nepali release date of the movie will also be decided soon. Bimlesh Adhikari, Suchitra Acharya, Suwangi Koirala, Anup Baral, Mohan Niroula and likes have acted in the movie which was shot about 30 percent in Australia and remaining in Nepal.

The movie was made under the banner of Khadka and Sons Cine industries and Jayandra Khadka and Devi Siwakoti have invested in the movie. Aashish Bhetwaal has directed the movie.

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