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Whenever the filmmakers have thought of molding their storylines, the “David and Goliath” legendary tussle have been one of the most favorite plot to achieve it. Uncountable number of movies has already been in Malayalam of which Jeeyen Krishnakumar’s Kanchi is the latest addition. The movie features Mishti, Kartik Aaryan, Rishi Kapoor, Mithun Chakraborty, Hazel Crowney, Rishab Sinha and Chandan Roy Sanyal and is set to release on 25th April.

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Here the story starts with Pringodan, which is played by Murali Gopi, who is a kind of archetypal villain. He is very rich as well as kills people like it is a very common deal with him, just like a daily simple routine. It is shown that he is the king of a business empire but what we see is he looks for horoscope of almost everyone whom he fears that he could kill him.

Things go smooth for him until one day he kills the boy of a jewelry merchant. Also an owner of a very small shop witnesses the murder. The role of this shop owner is played by Indrajith as Madhvan. Now Madhvan is shown in a very complicated situation and the things that follow are really very predictable. After that a revolver is shown in the film along with some steed children that travel in this journey along in a very unconvincing manner.

Thumka from Kanchhi

But you must not find this journey surprising as whole plot of the film is baffling in a similar way. Although, the director put all his efforts to put the story in a convincing and effective way, but still the movie failed to make an impact on the viewer. The element that makes the movie a bit different from others is the role of the revolver in the film. The viewers are going to find doom, looms as well as providence all over their head at many points and may make the environment a bit creepy. The idea may look interesting but was not efficiently put into effect on the big screen.

Kanchhi re Kanchhi from Kanchhi

The film also lacked realism, as creepiness is a different thing than believability. According to me, you cannot do anything if a revolver is capable of deciding the end of your life. Also when one is really hot and waits for you to reach the corner and the trigger is pulled by itself or by someone else appointed to do the job. This is also one of the main reasons which made the climax of the film a drag, where you wait to get shot in the rain, where the revolver story comes to an end. But lying on the Perigondam mansion out on the lawn, it makes you feel that the end is still not reached.

Tu Sabkuch Mera from Kanchhi

Overall it is to be said that the story wanders here and there shamelessly, keeping in mind that it possesses two of the best actors of the industry. Although, Indrajhit as well as Murali Gopi have given their best, Devi Ajith also makes a good impression but Archna Gupta fails to reach the acceptable mark. But in spite of all the efforts they still fail to take the movie to that level at which it was expected to be.

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