Kevin Rose Net Worth

Robert Kevin Rose, popularly known as Kevin Rose is an American Internet entrepreneur who is the co-founder of Revision 3, Digg, Powence and Milk. As an internet entrepreneur, he has earned a total worth of $15 million. Rose was also the venture partner at GV from 2012 to 2014 and is currently the board member for Tony Hawk Foundation. He was born on February 21, 1977 in Redding, California and has attended to Southeast Career and Technical Academy and later he majored in computer science from University of Nevada Las Vegas. During his career startup, he worked for two dot-com startups through CMGI.

After failing to graduate, Rose worked as a production assistant for The Screen Savers and later he appeared on-air in the “Dark Tip” segments and on Unscrewed with martin Sargent. He has also been as a regular co-host after Leo Laporte left the TechTV. After TechTV merged with the television channel G4, Rose moved to Los Angeles in order to work out for the channel. He left the channel in 2005 and instead focused on co-founding an Internet television net worth known as either “System” or “Discovery Digital Networks”. Rose is credited for helping to establish a social news website called Digg. The creation of the website has also increased his overall net worth. In 2010, for his work and ability for the Digg, he was promoted to the position of CEO of Digg website. Kevin Rose is also the creator of the Revision 3, an internet television network which specialize in the production and distribution of web series. The channel has become popular among the audience for the series such as SourceFed, The Philip DeFranco Show, Tekzilla and Film Riot. Rose has also got a job position in Google which is another contributing factor for his net worth. He has been reported to still working in the Google, as of right now. In addition to Digg and Revision 3, he is also known as the co-creator of other companies such as Milk and Powence. In 2012, it was reported that his company Digg was bought by Betaworks which paid 500 thousand dollars plus equity to get Digg’s assets. Kevin owns an amazing car manufactured by Caddilac which is worth of $65,000. And about his personal life, he is married to well-known blogger, author and as well as neuroscientist Darya Pino and has a baby girl named Alena Rose. Similarly, few portion of Rose net worth comes from the investment he had done in various companies including Gowalla, Twitter, Foursquare, Dailybooth, Squre, Facebook, Chomp and Formspring. All his investment, his profession as internet entrepreneur has made him rich of $30 million.

Things to know about Kevin Rose

Full Name: Robert Kevin Rose
Date of Birth: 21st February, 1977
Kevin Rose in Facebook: 79492.5M Followers in Facebook
Kevin Rose in Twitter: 1.78M Followers in Twitter
Kevin Rose in Instagram: 117K Followers in Instagram
Kevin Rose Net Worth:  $30 Million

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