Kirk Douglas Net Worth

Kirk Douglas is an American actor, producer, director and author who has a net worth of $60 million. Douglas has spent sixty year of his life in Hollywood and appeared in more than 90 movies. He was born on 1916 December 9 in Amsterdam, New York and has attended St. Lawrence University and American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. In his early career, he enlisted in the United States Navy in 1941, shortly after the United States entered World War II, and was medically discharged for war injuries in 1944. Afterward, he returned to New York City and got job in radio, theater and commercials. Similarly, he found stage work in Kiss and Tell. He had planned to remain as a stage actor, until he got movie role in “The Strange Love of Marthe Ivers”. In the movie, he portrayed a young, insecure, man, stung with jealousy.

He was established in Hollywood from his eighth movie “Champion” which was released in 1949. For the movie, he received first Academy Award nomination and also he earned six nomination for the movie. In 1940s, he appeared on other movies including “Out of the Past”, “Three Sisters”, “Along the Great Divide” and “Lonely are the Brave”. His 50’s start with the movie including “Ace in the Hole”, “The Bad and Beautiful”, “Young Man with a Horn”, “The Jack Benny Program” and many more. For his role in the movie Ace in the Hole, he won a best foreign award at Venice Film Hall and Detective Story provided him four Academy Award nomination. Similarly he had Oscar nomination from the movie The Bad and the Beautiful. All these awards and movies has major role in contributing Douglas huge net worth.

The estimated salary of Douglas per year is $7.2 million. He has earned money by signing the film contracts like Diamonds, Greedy, Illusion, Empire State Building Murders, The secret, Mel Blanc: The Man of a Thousand Voices and many more. Douglas has received a salary of $5 million from movie “Illusion”, 3.75 million from “It Runs in the Family”, 3.4 million USD from “Diamonds” and $2.6 million from the movie “Secrets”. In his 60 years of life in Hollywood, he had given various hit movies in the Hollywood. A lot of movies played by him has also become successful to be in top of Box office collection. American Film Institute has named Douglas as No. 17 on their list of the greatest male screen legends in American film history. He was also given Academy Honorary Award in 1996 for having 50 years in the motion picture community. He has also received lifetime achievement award from Screen Actors Guild and AFL. Apart from his career as an actor, his net worth is contributed through his profession as an author. Over the years, he published more than 10 books. From the sponsorship and investment he had done, he earned around $1.8 million. Overall Hollywood has become one of the place to earn money for Kirk Douglas. With earning money and increasing his net worth, he has increased his fame too.

Things to know about Kirk Douglas

Full Name: Kirk Douglas
Date of Birth: 9th December, 1916
Kirk Douglas Net Worth: $60 Million

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