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Wesley Eric Weston Jr., is popularly known by stage name as Lil’ Flip, is an American rapper who has a net worth of $4 million. He was born on 3rd March 1981 and started his career as a rapper from 1997. Lil Flip is best known for his single “I Can Do Dat”. He is also known for his other singles like “Sunshine”, “The Way We Ball”, “Game Over” and “Rollin on 20’s”. He completed his study from Worthing High Schhool, Houston Texas. He claimed that during his school, he had made more than 1000 mix tapes. From the beginning of his school life, he was involved in music which helped him to make money through his music career.

Lil’ Flip, got huge recognition after his recordings with SuckaFree Records of his 2000 album titled “The Leprechaun”. His album was released in Houston Texas where underground rapping had increased multi fold due to which one of the repudiated DJ Screw added flip to his loose knit rap group which was known as Screwed up Click (SUC). His association with the group brought him instant respect throughout Texas. He was nicknamed as “The Free Style King” by DJ Screw before his death. In order to bring the mix tapes of Lil Flip in top charts, DJ Screw played a major role as he was famous for his Chopped and Screwed DJ techniques.

Lil’ Flip’s second album “The Underground Legend” became the rocker on Billboard Charts with No. 12 on Billboard 200. The album was successful to sell more than 68,000 of copies in the first week of its release. The album was produced by Lil Flip featuring of Joe Rax, Young Sears, Big Tyme and Tommy Granville Jr. The album was certified platinum in December 2002. Lil Flip released his third album and his first double-disc album titled “U Gotta Feel Me” in 2004. The album is regarded as one of the most successful of Lil till date. The album sold over 192K copies and was certified double platinum in August 2004. Apart from his releasing his own singles and albums, he has featured in “Naughty Girl” with Beyonce, Chingy’s “Powerballin’” and Chamillionaire’s single “Turn It Up”. In 2007, he gave his third album and second double-disc album “I Need Mine”which was debuted at number 15 on Billboard 200. The album successfully sold more than 43K copies which became another contributing factor for his net worth. Similarly in 2009 and 2010, he respectively released his fifth and sixth album titled “Respect Me” and “Ahead of Time”. This two album has also earned a relevant amount to sum up his net worth.

Apart from earning through releasing songs, he owns a record label called “Clover G Records” or “Clover G La Familia” in Houston, Texas. Similarly he had put his hand by releasing his own shoe line entitled “Clover Footwear”. He also has a fashion clothing line called “Clover G Clothing”. Hence, the net worth of Lil Flip is just not increased by his raps but also through real estate business and the glooming fashion industry.

Things to know about Lil’ Flip

Full Name: Wesley Eric Weston Jr.
Date of Birth: 3rd March, 1981
Lil’ Flip in Facebook: 57K Fans in Facebook
Lil’ Flip in Twitter: 11.3K Followers in Twitter
Lil’ Flip in Instagram: 139K Followers in Instagram
Lil’ Flip Net Worth: $4 Million

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