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Michael Gregory Rowe, is popular by his stage name as Mike Rowe who is an American television host and narrator and also former opera singer. He is known to the people for his work on Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs. The total net worth of Mike Rowe is estimated at $35 million. Most of the net worth comes from his work as narrator and actor and also TV host. He was born in 18th march 1962 in Baltimore, Maryland. Rowe has attended Overlea High School, Essex Community College and graduated from Towson University earning degree in communication studies.

Mike Rowe started his career as a Television host in early 1990s. He hosted for the home-shopping TV network QVC. He has hosted several show including Your New Home for WJZ-TV in Baltimore Worst Case Scenarios for TBS, On-Air TV for American Airlines, The Most for The History Channel, No Relation for FX among many others. All these hosting jobs has become the contributing factor to his net worth. He hosted the show called Evening Magazine on KPI-TV in San Francisco from 2001 to 2005. During the time, he appeared in a news segment called “Somebody’s Gotta Do It”, sketching a number of unpleasant profession’ and later on the concept later grew into Dirty Jobs. The first job with Discovery Channel of Rowe was a trip to the Valley of the golden Mummies to host Egypt Week Live! In the show, he explored ancient tombs live with Dr. Zahi Hawass, an Egyptian archaeologist.

In addition to the hosting programs, he has been an extensive background as a narrator. Narrator profession of Mike Rowe includes Discovery Channel’s various shows American Chopper, American Hot Rod, Deadlist Catch, Wild Pacific and Ghost Lab. He has also worked in the special series of Discovery Channel such as “How the Universe Works” and Syf’s Ghost Hunters. He now works as the narrator for National Geographic Channel’s series Wicked Tuna. All his appearances in various TV Shows and as a narrator, has contribute to his net worth. Other narrating jobs of Rowe includes Mystery Diagnosis, Drydock: A Cruise Ship Reborn, Southern Steel, Powertool Drag Racing, Scavengers Rock, Airplane Repo and many more. He has also done his voice work for the reality television show The Ultimate Fighter and the NASCAR pre-race show for 2009 Chase on ESPN.

Rows featuring in several Ford Motor Company F-Series truck commercials which helped to increase his net worth. In 2008, he partnered with W.W. Grainger, a Chicago-based Fortune 500 industrial supply company and also appeared in internet spots for Motorola iDen in 2010. He voiced a meter maid on episode of Sesame Street in a segment called “Dirtiest Job with Mike Rowe”, all these became icing on the cake to Mike Rowe net worth.

Things to know about Mike Rowe

Full Name: Michael Gregory Rowe
Date of Birth: 18th March, 1962
Mike Rowe in Facebook: 5M Fans in Facebook
Mike Rowe in Twitter: 351K Followers in Twitter
Mike Rowe in Instagram: 459K Followers in Instagram
Mike Rowe Net Worth: $35 Million

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