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Pat Sajak is an American former weatherman, actor and television personality who is best known as the host of the American television game show Wheel of Fortune. He has an estimated net worth of $45 million. He was born in 26th October 1946 and raised in Chicago, and graduated from Farragut High School and went to Columbia College, Chicago. While being in Vietnam for Armed Forces Radio, he served as disc jockey.

During the beginning of the career, Sajak worked on local radio station WEDC from midnight to 6:00 AM. In 1968, he joined the U.S. Army and went to Vietnam, where he served as disk jockey on Armed Forces Radio. In early 1970s, he began DJ’ing at 50,000 watt WSM in Nashville; at the day time the radio station used to play pop music and he was the 3:00-5:00 PM afternoon personality. He also performed as voice over artist on the radio station’s television sister, WSM-TV. He used to voice over for station identification and anchoring the five-minute newscasts during NBC’s Today Show. Then he also worked as a weekend and substitute weatherman, where he became acquainted with anchor Dan Miller. In 1977, he worked as a full-time weatherman for the KNBC-TV in Los Angeles. From all these work, he contribute well to his net worth.

In 1981, Sajak hosted Wheel of Fortune. He also got a small role in 1982’s comedy movie Airplane II: The Sequel. He appeared on Super Password several times from 1984 to 1989 as well as Password Plus in 1981. Similarly, he gave his guest appearances in Dream house and Just Men! From 1989 to 1990, he hosted the late-night talk show on CBS. He later became a frequent host for CNN’s Larry King Live. In the daytime soap opera “Days of Our Lives”, he appeared as “Kevin Hathaway” and he also appeared in popular children’s cartoon show called “Rugrats”. He appeared as himself in the episode “Inner Tube” on the sitcom “The King of Queens”. He is a columnist for a number of blogs and entities. He writes on current news and sometimes on popular culture. As he is a baseball fan, he is known for investing in a number of baseball related ventures during his career. Sajak has been honored with three Emmy Awards and also given a star on Hollywood’s walk of Fame. All these recognition became one of the factor to uplift his net worth. He also hosted his late night talk show from January 9, 1989 to April 13, 1990 which became another contributing factor for Pat Sajak net worth. Sajak is married twice and has two children.

Things to know about Pat Sajak

Full Name: Pat Sajak
Date of Birth: 26th October, 1946
Pat Sajak in Twitter: 164K Followers in Twitter
Pat Sajak Net Worth: $45 Million

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