Phil Hellmuth Net Worth

Philip Jerome Helmuth Jr. is an American professional poker player who has captured a record fourteen World Series of Poker Bracelets. As a professional poker player, he has a net worth of $20 million. Known as the “Poker Brat” for his colorful and competitive personality, he has won Player of the Year honors, the NBC Heads-Up Championship, the European Poker Championships and more than 50 major tournaments. Apart from his profession as poker playing, he earns from his own publishing company, clothing company, Real Estate Company and a casino games company. From his poker competition, he has won about $18 million.

Hellmuth was born in 16th July 1964 in Madison, Wisconsion and attended Madison West High School and enrolled at University of Wisconsion Madison. After studying for three years, he dropped out to play poker full-time. Since 1992, he lived in Palo Alto, California with his wife Katherine Sanborn and their two sons Philip III and Nicholas. In 1989, he became the then youngest player to win the Main Event at the World Series of Poker by defeating legend and twice defending Champion Johnny Chan. He has also got the fourth position in the rundown of the All Time Money. After winning against Johnny Chan, he held numerous awards including WSOP last tables, which is 45 and most WSOP changes which is 85. During the non-hold’em poker competition, he has won huge number of arm ornaments. He has the style of playing is not the friendliest one. Amid recreations, he jumps at the chance to make unforgiving and discourteous remarks about his adversaries and the way they play.

Hellmuth is an entrepreneur and also owns a publishing company, clothing company and Real Estate Company. He is not shy to make public appearances which has helped to increase his net worth. He gives inspirational speeches and has also written the book titled “Play Poker Like The Pro’s” which a New York bestseller and his mobile game Hellmuth’s Hold’Em was downloaded more than a million times around the world. All these effort made by him helped to contribute to his net worth. For 15 years, he has also written an internationally syndicated newspaper column titled “Hand of the Week” that chronicles the great poker hands he has participated and witnessed during his years as pro. He is regarded by his fellow players a veteran of the game with a heart of gold. He has also produced multiple videos highlighting the skills needed to be a professional player. At the poker player, he has developed a reputation as a competitive player who has a knack for outwitting and outplaying his opponents.

Things to know about Phil Hellmuth

Full Name: Phil Jerome Hellmuth Jr.
Date of Birth: 16th July, 1964
Phil Hellmuth in Facebook: 103K Fans in Facebook
Phil Hellmuth in Twitter: 271K Followers in Twitter
Phil Hellmuth in Instagram: 28.6K Followers in Instagram
Phil Hellmuth Net Worth: $20 Million

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