The review of Nepali Movie “Jhole”


The movie,” Jhole” by Dipendra K. Khanal pictures the reality of lower-middle class people who are allured to the abroad for making money. The movie is starred with the Actors Dayahang Rai, Priyanka Karki, A.Gurung, Shankar Acharya, Shishir Rana. The another movie, “Jhola” is very different from the movie “ Jhole” which takes back the audiences to the 100 years ago in which there used to be Sati System. Both of the movies, however, are still contextual to the present Nepalese societies as there have been no significant changes or growth in the economic status of the people. In the movie, “Jhole” it signifies every man who comes to the city for making his dream true as Harke, (Dayahang Rai) the protagonist is depicted. So the obvious thing is that in the movie, the most important thing is the “Jhola” in which he has carried all the important documents for processing abroad. Harke gets threatened as his Jhola gets lost in the movie. This shows his life is now the Jhola that he had carried. He even tries to get help of other characters to approach for the Jhola.

The movie is even taken as the apt example of the plural protagonist as the other leading female character; Riya (Priyanka Karki) too gets same fate as that of Harke in the movie. She also tries to approach to live her dream as Harke does.

The end of the movie seems to be dramatically presented but it is saved from being over dramatic. The movie is featured in the linear structure but the strong point of the movie is related to the main content of the movie, i.e., the tensions in the characters. There are no any central characters as all the characters are given the major role to portray the tensions related to live their dream in abroad and make money. This is also the one of the major reasons that the audiences are bound to the story of the movie and hence makes them very attached to the real life of the most of the people.

Regarding the character playing, most of the characters have played according to their role. This even adds the positive point in the movie. Riya (Priyanka Karki) even has played the role of the lady who resides in the city and her way of living , her dialects are similar to the city life.

The sequences are much more attractive but they are not so as strong as the movie demands to be. It leads to the disorder in the plot of the movie. As many shots are repeated that causes the loss in the rhythm of the movie. In this state, what can be observed is that the role of editor and director is somewhat ignored. Such mistakes were even noticed in the movie “Vigilante” directed by Khanal himself.

Most of the events occurred in the house of another character Angur (Shishir Rana) are not described with the details like the environment around the house of the character, Angur. Had been there were any long shots in the movie regarding this plot, there would not have any questions raised in the story of the movie. Such errors are even seen in the movie, “Chapali Height” as such thrillers are best filmed in the Hollywood movies.

Characters in the movies are best known for their actions in the movie but in this movie, the protagonist, Harke is given somewhat the long monologues which seems to be the over exposition.

Keeping these errors at bay, one can enjoy the movie as per the movie is directed without the extravagance investment. Whatever, the movie tends to be very successful and it can be the example in the history of Kollywood that within the minimalistic location, with few characters and in the small canvas too, the film can be directed.

The film has got the elements that have to be in the dark comedy as the characters in trouble can even make the audiences laugh. The dialogues flow in the rhythm and such chronology has balanced the movie’s plot and the content. Whatever, the film has provided the sign that the Nepali Movies are also swerving their direction to the new trend of changes which is definitely fruitful and impressive too. Therefore, the movie can be said the best movie directed by Director, Khanal till date.

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