Runner Kite+ Review

Runner is a famous auto manufacturing company which has manufactured various motorbikes like AD80S, Cheeta and so on. The same company, following its trend, released a manual scooter, the Kite+.

The Kite+ has been built on the sporty body platform. The stylish headlight has been kept at the handlebar, and the sharp-looking sidelights can be found on the body of the scooter. The company has also furnished the scooter with qualitative seat to ensure comfort of the riders and pillions.

Moreover, the scooter possesses height and length of 1235 mm and 1900 mm respectively. Besides, the scooter has got the wideness of 740 mm and weight of 90.6 kg. Also, the front wheel and the rear wheel maintain the gap of 1220 mm and the scooter is 125 mm far from the ground.

Also, the scooter is featured with four stroke engine that provides maximum power of 6.4 bhp @ 7500 RPM and maximum torque of 7 Nm @ 5500 RPM along with displacement of 98.16 cc. The company, further, has equipped the scooter with hydraulic telescopic front suspension and coil spring hydraulic rear suspension.

Furthermore, in Nepal, Runner Kite+ gets imported under the dealership of Raman Motors Pvt. Ltd.

Price in Nepal: Rs. 1,69,000


 Body Type



 90.6 kg


 1900 mm


 1235 mm
 740 mm


 1220 mm

 Ground Clearance

 125 mm




 4 liters

 Engine Type

 Four Stroke

 Maximum Power

 6.4 bhp @ 7500 RPM

 Maximum Torque

 7 Nm @ 5500 RPM


 98.16 cc

 Box X Stroke

 49.73 x 50.54 mm

 Starting System


 Final Drive




 Front Suspension

 Hydraulic Telescopic

 Rear Suspension

 Coil Spring Telescopic

 Front Tyre


Rear Tyre




 Front Brake


 Rear Brake






 No. of Gears





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