CFMoto St. Papio Review

The trend of manufacturing mini bikes is growing day by day. Different companies like the Motrac and Honda have launched various mini motorcycles like the Motrac M6, Motrac MX and Honda MSX125 respectively. Following the same trend, a Chinese two-wheeler company introduced a mini bike, the St. Papio.

The CFMoto’s St. Papio has been built on the same body design as of the Motrac’s M-OX and Honda’s MSX125. However, the bike has been engraved with more muscles. Besides, the Papio is featured with more advanced headlight than that of the Motrac’s and Honda’s. The bike’s headlight has been copied from the 150NK. Also, the graphics painted over the bike makes it look attractive.

Furthermore, the St. Papio possesses height and length of 995 mm and 1724 mm respectively. Also, the bike has got wideness of 750 mm and the bike, after carrying it’s all parts weighs 114 kg. Besides, the front and the rear wheel maintain the distance of 1214 mm with each other and the bike is 145 mm far from the ground.

Moreover, St. Papio is powered with single cylinder, inline, 4 strokes, air cooled, vertical 124.5 cc engine that provides maximum power and maximum torque of 9.38 bhp @ 6500 RPM and 8.3 Nm @ 6500 RPM respectively. Besides, the bike is equipped with retractable front suspension and cantilever rear suspension.

In Nepal, CFMoto has been exporting the St. Papio under the dealership of Anna International Pvt. Ltd.

Price in Nepal: Rs. 2,25,000


 Body Type



 114 kg


 1724 mm


 995 mm
 750 mm


 1214 mm

 Ground Clearance

 145 mm




 7 liters

 Engine Type

 Single cylinder inline,4-stroke,Air cooled,Vertical

 Maximum Power

 9.38 bhp @ 6500 RPM

 Maximum Torque

 8.3 Nm @ 6500 RPM


 124.5 cc

 Box X Stroke

 57 x 8.8 mm

 Starting System


 Final Drive




 Front Suspension

 Retractable Type

 Rear Suspension

 Cantilever Type

 Front Tyre


Rear Tyre




 Front Brake


 Rear Brake






 No. of Gears





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