Tarki Tarki by Melina Rai and Mabindra Rai

Tarki Tarki is a new pop song by Mabindra Rai and Melina Rai. The music video features Barun Jung Limbu & Anu Rai. Tarki Tarki is a Nepali song by Mabindra Rai and Melina Rai which was post production by Sultan Films UK. The music video was presented by Sultan Edhingo.

The music video for this song was arranged by Mohit Munal and lyrics for this song was written by Mabindra Rai. Nepali singer Melina Rai is playback singer. Melina Rai’s voice is as beauty as her personal appealing. She is a good singer who think a lot of different things in a performance. Tarki Tarki is a pop song with a full package of entertainment. This music tries to represent the important of love and romance that occur in love. Talented singer Mabindra Rai has added more sweetness in this music video. When you once listen this song, I am sure you will keep repeating it.

The music video is released officially online by SongsNepal via Youtube. Hope that you will enjoy this melodious pop song Tarki Tarki.

Here is the lyrics for Tarki Tarki:

Tarki Tarki
Nahara timi
Jeevan timrai lagi
Sumpeyako chhu chami
Hera yo mutu mero
Dharkinchha kabal timrai
Lagi maya yasari hudaina
Ghar baar yasari chaldaina
Timi jasto nakali ko
Bharai hudaina maya dui
Mutu ko milan ho
Maya dui Mutu ko
Milan ho…..

Maya taw yasto hoss
Chakhawa jodi hoss
Maya taw yasto hoss
Chakhawa jodi hoss
Timi lai choot parda
Mero yo maan dhukos
Hoo Timi lai choot parda
Mero yo maan dhukos
Bhana sajelo tara
Maya gharo huncha ni
Lukeluke nahera timi
Jovan timro lagi sachako chu
Khoje hara charaitira
Timrai sapana boke hedako chhu
Ho maya yesari hudaina
Ghar bar yesari chaldaina
Timi jasto nakali ko
Barai hudaina

Maya dui
Mutu ko milan ho
Maya dui Mutu ko
Milan ho
Tharki tharki nahara timi
Jeevan timro lagi sumpeyakochu
Khoje hera charai tira timrai
Maya malae thulo bho……………….


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