This way to Boost your WiFi signal using a beer can

We all use Internet on our mobile, laptop and even PC these days . And I am sure you definately know how your devices get Internet, right ? Well our devices connects Router via WiFi signal and those routers are connected with cable or Wireless devices that are connected to the Internet Service Provider (ISP). This way we are easily using Internet where ever we are just connecting to the Router via WiFi. These wireless routers received data from the ISP and converts them into radio signal and our devices like Mobiles and laptops can communicate across the global web of Internet.

Boost WiFi signals with Beer can

Ok, ok but where’s the catch ? You might be thinking as i began this post with some basic information but the post title talks about boosting WiFi signals, wait i am coming to the point. You may have noticed one thing, if you are near to the wireless router then your mobile or Laptop get’s full signal but as you move to some distance the signal level decreases. The signal level is available to certain distance as per the router’s ability. But what if you can boost this WiFi signal of the same router without replacing it with a new more powerful wireless router ?

So today we have a video tutorial by Kip Kedershia from who is teaching us how to use a beer can to boost your wireless router signals step by step. Try it yourself and do comment us what is the result if it worked for you or not.

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