Aama by Roshan Gurung

Aama is a new aadhunik Nepali heart touching song by Roshan Gurung. The music video features Ganga Maya, Samit and Alex Gurung. Aama is directed by Rakesh Gurung. Aama music video was cinematographed as well as edited by Rakesh Gurung.

The music of this song was composed by Yogesh Kaji  and lyrics was written by Roshan Gurung. The music video featuring versatile artist Ganga Maya, Samit and Alex Gurung. All of them has given their best performance in this music video. This song dedicated to all the mother. This song deliver the message that mother gives up so much so that their children can have so much. Love your mother more than other. If you dont care and love your mother that start loving from right now. The music video was presented by Rakesh Gurung. When you once listen this song, I am sure you will keep tuning it.

The music video is released officially online by HighlightsNepal via Youtube. Hope that you will enjoy this Melodious modern song Aama.

Here is the lyrics for Aama:

Timile chaleko harek
Harek paela samjhi
Jiban ko do kate
Maela kasari Meri aama
Runna bhantheya kaela
kaela Runa deyanau
Sadai haso sanga
Kasari meri aama Timile
Timi nai chau mero
Jiban ko har anga anga ma
Timi nai chau mero
Mutu har dhadkan dhadkan ma
Hey aama timi bina mero
Jindagi adhuro chha…..

Hasda ko mero satha timi
Mero rudha ko autai kampan
Sahara mero jiban ko
Timi bina chaldaina dhadkan
Kasam chha harak
Geeta kuran bible ko
Bagaudina kaela aashu
Timro hey aama
Hey aama timi bina mero
Jindagi adhuro chha…..

Timile sikayeka kura
Anmol gardai
Jiban ko bato hindai chhu
Hai mero aama
Badha archan huri
Aulan bato ma
Mannai dhekhi sadai
Kalyan garnu hai mero aama
Ek din safal hunchhu
Timro haat samae
Sara sansar ghumne chhu
Dhukha pida bhulae
Hey aama timi bina mero
Jindagi adhuro chha………….

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