Harrison Ford Net Worth

Harrison Ford is an American film actor who is famous for his performance in “Star Wars” trilogy and “Indiana Jones” series. He has spent his six decades of his life in Hollywood. Recipient of 28th American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Harrison Ford has an estimated net worth of $230 million. He was born on July 13, 1942 in Chicago, and was an active member of the Boy Scouts in School. As he was blessed with a good voice, he was regular speaker in his Maine East high School’s radio station from where he was graduated. He later on joined Rippon College from where he had increased his interest towards acting.

In the early time of his making career, he went to Los Angeles, California in 1964 to seek job in radio station. He was not lucky to get job on radio station but he was signed to Columbia Pictures for $150 a week to act short roles in their production. Though he had his short roles in their production but he was never credited for his role. Finally, in 1967 movie “A Time for Killing”, he was recognized for his appearance. Apart from his small roles, he continued his hard work to get roles in other movies. With a long duration of his hard work, he was not success to get any satisfied roles. Because of the dissatisfaction, he learned carpentry and became a professional carpenter to support his wife and children. The carpentry skills led him to work for building furniture on various celebrities. Once he went at the home of director George Lucas to build cabinet. His arrival on Lucas home, offered him to get an important role in 1973 movie “American Graffiti”. He also got to act in movie “Star Wars” which became rollercoaster hit grossing earning more than $750 million. . From the movie he received $20 million payday for reprising his role as Han Solo. The movie “Star Wars” has now became number one North American movie of all time. After his role on he got a chance to star in “Indiana Jones” which made him an overnight superstar in Hollywood.

The value of Gerard Colcord house in Brentwood, Los Angeles is worth of $1 million. Similarly the value of his waterfront property in Bowen Island, Vancouver, British Columbia is $13 million. Harrison Ford has starred in all the sequence of the “Indian Jones” series and he had his role on Star Wars franchise till 1978. These two movies had an important role to make his net worth huge of $210 million. Known for the action movies and dramatic roles including “Witness Blade Runner”, “Clear and Present Danger”, “Patriot Games” and “The Fugitive”, Harrison Ford is in the list of richest celebrity with a net worth of $230 million.

Things to know about Harrison Ford

Full Name: Harrison Ford

Date of Birth: 13th July, 1942

Harrison Ford Net Worth: $230 Million


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