Juni Juni by Bishal Niroula and Melina Rai

Juni Juni is a new Nepali pop song by Bishal Niroula and Melina Rai. The music video features Krishtina Thapa and Asmik Lamsal. Juni Juni Nepali song was directed by Gyanendra Sharma. The music video was edited by Prabin Bhatta and was cinematographed by Gyanendra Sharma.

The lyrics and music for this song was composed by Bishal Niroula. The music video features versatile model Kristina Thapa. She was supported by another versatile and much more loved model by audience, Asmik Lamsal. Juni Juni is very interesting and romantic pop song. Overall, The moral of this song is when someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different which feel you safe and comfortable. The melodious voice was given by Melina Rai. When you once listen this song, I am sure you will keep repeating it.

The music video is released officially online by SongsNepal via Youtube. Hope that you will enjoy this pop song Juni Juni.

Here is the lyrics for Juni Juni:

Juni Juni
Juni Juni bani dinu timi meri
Badyata le tadha bhaye pani
Maya samjhi dinu
Sadai bhari Sadai bhari
Juni Juni Juni Juni…….

Timilai na bhetako
Barsau bho
Chahana yo mann ko
Adhuro bho Adhuro bho
Adhuro bho Adhuro bho
K gardai chhin meri uni
Taha chaena aja bholi
Koe kabar pugae dau
Audai chha u bhani dau
Audai chha u bhani dau
Audai chha u bhani dau……

Aba yo jindagi timinai hau
Mera sara khusi timinai hau
Timi nai hau timi nai hau
Timi nai hau

Timi aune dina gandai
Sapana haru bunda bundai
Timilai nai parkhi raye
Aru dhekhi tarki rahe
Parkhi raye parkhi raye
Parkhi raye parkhi raye
Juni juni juni juni…….

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