Mahindra Thar Review

The Mahindra Thar is a small and midsized off-road SUV car manufactured by an Indian four-wheeler company, Mahindra. Mahindra launched the Thar on 4th October, 2010 to fulfill the gap which was made by its predecessor, the Mahindra MM540. The Mahindra Thar which is available in three different variants; DI 2WD, DI 4WD, CRDe has been chosen as one among the top 10 cars available in India.

Moreover, the Mahindra Thar possesses the height and length of 1904 mm and 3760 mm respectively. The front tire and the rear tire, besides, maintain the gap of 2430 mm and the gap between the lower chassis and the ground is of 187 mm. Furthermore, Mahindra has been exporting Mahindra Thar under the dealership of Agni Inc.

Price in Nepal: Rs. 2,215,000 (For Thar DI 2WD),

Rs. 2,450,000 (For Thar DI 4WD),

Rs. 3,785,000 (Thar CRDe 4WD STD)



 Body Type
 Basic Weight
 3760 mm
 1904 mm
 2430 mm
 Front Track
 Rear Track
 Ground Clearance
 187 mm (Thar DI 2WD), 200 mm (Thar DI 4WD / Thar CRDe 4WD STD)



Fuel Tank
 45 liters (Thar DI 2WD), 60 liters (Thar DI 4WD / Thar CRDe 4WD STD)
 Valves Per Cylinder
 2523 cc (Thar DI 2WD), 2498 cc (Thar DI 4WD / Thar CRDe 4WD STD)
 Max Power
 104 bhp
 Max Torque
 247 Nm



Front Brakes
 Disc and Caliper, Disc (Thar CRDe 4WD STD)
Rear Brakes
Front Wheels
Rear Wheels
Front Suspensions
 Front Suspension with Torsion & Stabilizer Bar (Thar DI 2WD / Thar DI 4WD), Front IFR with Torsion Bar (Thar CRDe 4WD STD)
Rear Suspensions
 Semi Elliptical Leaf Springs with Tension Sides Shot Penned (Thar DI 2WD / Thar DI 4WD), Semi Elliptical Leaf Springs (Thar CRDe 4WD STD)



 Number of Gears

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