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Lisa Olivia Munn is a comedian, television personality and actress whose net worth is estimated to be of $12 million. She has acquired her wealth from her movie career and modeling campaigns. In her early career, she was credited as Lisa Munn, but since 2006 she used the name Olivia Munn personally and professionally. She was born on July 3 1980 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and attended Putnam City North High School and later on she enrolled to University of Oklahoma, majoring in Journalism. During the time, she appeared in number of local theater production and also become a model in Japanese Fashion Industry which helped to increase her net worth. She has become the most in-demand figure in G4 network’s and is particularly known for her regular podcasts.

Munn started her career with a horror movie “Scarecrow Gone Wild”. She appeared in several TV series including “Beyond the Break” and movie “The Road to Canyon Lake”. She started co-hosting with Kevin Pereira for “Attack of the Show”. During her job on show “Attack of the Show”, she additionally hosted Formula D, a now defunct program about American drift racing, and on online podcast called Around the Net for G4. She played several big and small roles in movies such as Date Night, Iron Man 2, Big Stan and others. She has also significant role in horror movie “Insanitarium”. For her roles in Date Night and Iron Man 2, she was praised by Robert Downey Jr. for her improvisation skills and led the crew in a round of applause. She also gave her appearance on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show 2010 as a correspondent and appeared as CIA agent in NBC’s “Chuck”. She has also gave her appearance in several comedy movies.

As a struggling actress, she has always been successful at modeling, appearing in the advertisements of high profile companies like Pepsi, Nike and Neutrogena. Apart her couple of movies, she has been fairly successful in movie industry spanning 9 titles. Her 4 year tenure in Attack of the show, was the main factor to contribute to her net worth. Commercials, ads and television apart, she has made at least a dozen of magazine appearances for 5 consecutive years with adjectives hot and sexy describing her. Munn currently resides in Hollywood, California and her luxury home is a spacious one with a private pool alongside it. She also owns many chauffeured cars and uses best brands of the world including Black Halo, Victoria Secret, J Brand and Ella Moss. Her active participation on charity front blogging and posting for PETA. She supports UNICEF, Habitat For Humanity and Artist for peace and Justice, which has helped to add charisma to her net worth. Her regular podcast has made her a permanent fixture on G4 website and encouraged to move into a big way and she tasted good success on movie career by appearing in Big Stan, Iron man, and Date Night.

Things to know to Olivia Munn

Full Name: Lisa Olivia Munn
Date of Birth: 3rd July, 1980
Olivia Munn in Facebook: 179K Fans in Facebook
Olivia Munn in Twitter: 828K Followers in Twitter
Olivia Munn in Instagram: 2M Followers in Instagram
Olivia Munn Net Worth: $5 Million

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