Samjhana Ko Saarangi From Movie SANRAKSHAN

Samjhana Ko Saarangi is a new Nepali sentimental song from the Nepali movie “SANRAKSHAN”. The music video features Saugat Malla and Ashishma Nakarmi. Samjhana Ko Saarangi is a Nepali movie song by Swaroop Raj Acharya which is directed by Purnendu Jha. The music video was edited by Surendra Paudel and music video was cinematographed by Purushottam Pradhan.

The music for this song was composed by Pravesh Mallick and lyrics was written by Dhirendra Premarshi. The music video features versatile actor Saugat Malla with a new looks. This is the heart touching music video. This music video shows that absence of truth doesn’t mean it is weak, but it is a clue of our weakness. The whole movie based on the story of Madhesh, police officer and Nepali politics. Revolves around the political revolution that has taken place along the southern plains of Nepal touching on power, police, politics, people and the press. When you will listen this song, I am sure you will keep listen again and again.

The music video is released officially online by HighlightsNepal via Youtube. Hope that you will enjoy this melodious song Samjhana Ko Saarangi.

Here is the lyrics for Samjhana Ko Saarangi:

Samjhana Ko Saarangi yo
Ratida po chala paye
Afu saga afu eklai
Bhetida po chala paye
Mero piyash hau timi
Mero asha hau timi
Jiban ko adheri ma
Prakasha hau timi
Prakasha hau timi….

Bhamara jhai dhulne mann le
Kunni k po dhekyo
Phula lai chusna chadi
Chati ma po lakyo
Kasto gadha prem ranga
Metida po chal paye
Afu saga afu eklai
Bhetida po chal paye
Gurasa hau timi
Madhumasha hau timi
Jindagi nai maghamagaune
Subasha hau timi….

Timro maya tal huda
Ma ujhalo batti theya
Timile miale dintheyau ra
Jitna tas patti theya
Kaha puge kae k bahye
Phitida po chal paye
Afu sanga afu eklai
Bhetida po chal paye
Mero khas hau timi
Biswas hau timi
Yo mutu le pherna harek
Sasha hau timi
Mero sasha hau timi………..

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