Tata Vista Review

The Tata Vista is a city car produced and sold by Indian auto manufacturer Tata Motors. The car is the second generation of the Tata Indica which was produced between the years 1998-2008. The 2nd gen Indica aka Vista was produced from the year 2008 till the year 2014.

Tata, in accordance to the passage of time, updated the second gen Vista and denoted with names like the S, Vista Quadrajet and the Vista D90. In the S version, Tata updated the design of the Vista. Similarly, Tata made changes in the engine of the Vista and featured the new 1.3 liter Quadrajet 90 diesel engine which was also seen in Fiat Punto. Further, Tata introduced two variants featuring the particular engine: VX and ZX.

Moreover, the new VX variant of the Vista comes with newly added features like power windows, central locking, ABS and EBD, and trip computer. Other features like alloy wheels and dual airbags come in both VX and ZX variants.

Price in Nepal: Rs. 2,315,000 (For Vista LS TDI),

Rs. 2,375,000 (For Vista GLX Safire),

Rs. 2,515,000 (For Vista GVX Safire),

Rs. 2,875,000 (For Quadrajet VX),

Rs. 3,025,000 (For Quadrajet ZX+)



 Body Type
 Basic Weight
 3795 mm
 1550 mm
 2470 mm
 Front Track
 Rear Track
 Ground Clearance
 165 mm



Fuel Tank
 44 liters
 Valves Per Cylinder
 1405 cc (Vista LS TDI), 1172 cc (Vista GLX Safire / Vista GVX Safire), 1248 cc (Vista VX Qaudrajet / Vista Quadrajet ZX+)
 Max Power
 70 bhp (Vista LS), 90 bhp (Vista GLX Safire / Vista GVX Safire), 74 bhp (Vista VX Quadrajet), 89 bhp (Vista Quadrajet ZX+)
 Max Torque
 135 Nm (Vista LS), 116 Nm (Vista GLX  Saifre / Vista GVX Safire), 190 Nm (Vista VX Qaudrajet), 200 Nm (Vista Quadrajet ZX+)



Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Wheels
 NA (Vista LS / Vista GLX Safire / Vista GVX Safire / Vista VX Quadrajet), 175 / 65 R14 (Vista Quadrajet ZX+)
Rear Wheels
 NA (Vista LS / Vista GLX Safire / Vista GVX Safire / Vista VX Quadrajet), 175 / 65 R14 (Vista Quadrajet ZX+)
Front Suspensions
 Independent lower Wishbone McPherson Strut with Coil Spring
Rear Suspensions
 Semi-independent Twist Beam with Coil Spring and Shock Absorbers



 Number of Gears

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