Timilai Nai Samjhee By Sabin Rai

Timilai Nai Samjhee is a Nepali romantic song by Sabin Rai from album “Sataha”. The song describes when a boy finds his love and how their life changes in a positive way if his loved one understand and keep supporting him.

The song Timilai Nai Samjhee is written and composed by Sabin Rai. The innovative, energetic and multidimensional singer Sabin Rai has contributed his amazing voice in lots of Nepali Songs like Guransa ko feda muni, Kalo Kalo Rat, Tminai mero and many more. He is a Nepali Singer and lyricist who is often called as the Bryan Adams of Nepal, because of the voice match. The song which catapulted him into overnight sensation is “Komal Tyo Timro”. He regularly tours around the world including Hong Kong, UK, US and Canada. . Give a listen to this song right away, I am sure you will keep repeating it.

The audio song is released officially online by Dipsonication1 via YouTube. Hope that you will enjoy this melodious romantic song Timilai Nai Samjhee.

Here is the lyrics for the song:

Timilai nai samjhi maile lekheko
Yo geet sadhain
Sadhain manma raakhnu
Timilai jahan janchhau
Harpal timro chheuma basera
Timro rakchha garna sakun ma
Timro pooja garna sakun
Chokho yo mannle
Kinaki ma maya garchhu timilai

Jhutho hoina saancho
Ho yo mero prem
Ma bata kahile
Dhoka hunna timilai
Kasam chha ma timro
Lagi aru birsana aahile sakcchu
Sakdina timilai birsana ma
Gumauna chahanna ma
Timnro saath jivanma
Kinaki ma maya garcchu timilai

Aanjani bhai bhool
Bhayen maafi paaun
Mero yo pahilo
Prem ho galti hola
Mayalu tara timro
Chitta dukhne gari ma kahile
Timilai ruwaudina ma
Timro ichha birudhha
Ma jadina priye
Kinaki ma maya garcchu timilai

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