Na Ta Chaheko Pauchha by Himal Sagar

Na Ta Chaheko Pauchha is a sentimental song by Himal Sagar. The music video features Mukesh, Sanjeeb and Deepika. Na Ta Chaheko Pauchha is directed by Deepika Bhatta. The music video was edited by Kushal Sharma and was cinematographed by Ram Kumar KC.

The music for this song was composed by Himal Sagar and lyrics was written by Deepika Bhatta. The music video features beautiful and rising model Deepika who has established her carrier from different music video. She has given her amazing act with the popular artists Mukesh and Sanjeeb. Himal sagar has given his sweet and melodious voice to make this song touching with everyone. This song was based under the blind love which has given pain to the Mukesh. By watching this music video, we can recognized the different types of love. When you once listen this song, I am sure you will keep repeating it.

The music video is released officially online by SongsNepal via Youtube. Hope that you will enjoy this melodious sentimental song Na Ta Chaheko Pauchha.

Here is the lyrics for Na Ta Chaheko Pauchha:

Na ta chaheko pauchha
Yo duniya ma
Nata payako pugchha
Yo jindagi ma
Na ta chaheko pauchha
Yo duniya ma
Na ta payako pugchha
Yo jindagima
Chutiyara bachanai parne
Maya garne kota
Anek bahana hunchha……..

Thakar khanele bhujhachhhan
Maya ma ke ke yaha
Anekau bahana hunchha
Chakar chalaune ko
Yo bhid ma
Chhal kapad ka anekau chal

Kehi chhad ko banayoti maya ma
Ramaune haru dheri hunchhan
Aruko khusi tukraune ko
Yaha naya naya natakiya
Chala hunchha
Na ta chaheko pauchha
Yo duniya ma
Na ta payako pugchha
Yo jindagima
Chutiyara bachnai parne
Maya garne ko ta
Yaha Anekau bhahana hunchha………..

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