Nepali Short Film – Khusi

Watch Nepali short film “Khusi” presented by AB Digital TV. The film is written and directed by Puran Thapa. The cinematographer of this film is Suman Tandukar and is edited by Hari Silwal. The casts of this film are Puran Thapa, Khusi Thapa, Soveet Basnet, Laskhman Bikram Basnet, Kiran Kumar Sharma, Roma Bista, Raju Shrestha, Ram Gautam, Madan Tamrakar, Rabi KC, Sukriya Shrestha, Sabina Shrestha, Soni Kadel, Sangita Lama, Rekha Dhital, Gita Puri, Naina Shrestha, Kabita Simkhada, Laya Sangroula. The film portrays the story of a father who sacrifices his all happiness in order to fulfill the wishes of his sons and daughter and make them happy.

The film begins by showing husband and wife having their personal conversation and later husband leaves after getting call from his father-in-law. As soon as he leaves, his wife calls her brother and complains about him and his father and both makes decision to meet up and talk about the problem. The film later shows the scene where that guy and his father-in-law have their personal conversation.

After sometime, all the children of that old person come and start talking about their father. In the meantime, a friend of their father comes and reveals the truth about how much he sacrificed to make his children happy. The truth makes them shock and opens up their eyes. Later all of them reach to the place where their father and his son-in-law had gone.

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