Nepali Short Film – Bhimphedi

Watch Nepali short movie “Bhimphedi” presented by Kreative Studios. The film is directed by Angchen Lama. The casts of this film are Biraj Kadariya, Sishir Wanem, Manoj Pradhan, Sushmita Lama, Nirvik Shrestha, Manish Shrestha, Surrendra Thike, Udghosh SJB Rana. The film portrays the story of a haunted home situated at Bhimphedi.  

The film begins by showing a photographer capturing some photos in the jungle and after sometime, when capturing photos, he meets an unknown guy and asks if he could get shelter for one night and both of them head toward Bhimphedi in search of a shelter. After riding for a moment, the photographer finds a home and knocks at the door. Asking for shelter, the owner offers it as it was only for one night.

Waking up in the morning, the photographer finds himself in the middle of the jungle, and in haste rushes to the home where he had asked for shelter. Reaching there, he sees two polices and a dead body of the guy who had joined him the previous night. Both of the police asked about that home to the local of that place and said the actual fact of that home and added there is a dead body of a photographer. Listening that, the photographer walks away and sneaks into the mirror but couldn’t see himself.  


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