The Advantage 3D Printing Can Bring The Iterative Design Process

3D Printing

HP is entering in to the market with 3D printing in this summer. Many analysts are in hope that Meg Whitman will find new way of 3D printing in further days. It is not sure that the personnel will find out the best way but about HP is going to announce on June. Almost people are in merit by the appropriate uses of 3D printing especially in hardware prototyping and testing. The users are thankful to the rise of Kickstarer and Indiegogo as many more hardware projects develop on. The 3D printing is better design which is fast and relatively inexpensive. Since because of this positive response, many more promotional videos and usable prototypes are suggested for exhibition and promotion.

If software developers live by the rule that emulation is not enough and need to try it on hardware but still the designers are not satisfied with the CAD drawing. On the tour of Microsoft’s printing and fabrication assembly, the hardware team discussed about vital minor 3D printer. Value is currently showing off design for the next generation games controller, the companies are planning at GDC. While HP might have made a discovery that will bring the 3D printing to the mainstream which does not mean that there is lack of technology. There is always fun area for making our own action and also another area for saving our money for many manufacturers. It does not bring change on the consumer view point but it provide rapid prototyping prove for increasing the strength of 3D printing movement.

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