Timle Chhadi Gaya Pachhi by Krishna Bhattarai

Timle Chhadi Gaya Pachhi is a new aadhunik melodious sentimental Nepali pop song by Krishna Bhattarai. The music video features by Laxman, Sima and Mukta. Timle Chhadi Gaya Pachhi is a Nepali song by Krishna Bhattarai which is directed by Sujan Gautam. Timle Chhadi Gaya Pachhi music video was edited by Sagar Gautam.

The music of this song was composed by Abhagi Shankar and lyrics of this song was written by Abhagi Shankar himself. The music video is featuring by versatile model Sima. Nepali model Sima has established herself as a successful model in Nepali music video. Timle Chhadi Gaya Pachhi is one of the most Sentimental song. Timle Chhadi Gaya Pachhi music video was post production by S.R2 Films and audio was recorded at Safal Creation Pvt.Ltd studio. This song provides the information that Everybody knows how to love but few people know how to stay in love with one person forever. Here, Sima is unable to stay in love with Laxman.

The music video is released officially online by HighlightsNepal via Youtube. Hope that you will enjoy this Melodious Sentimental pop Song Timle Chhadi Gaya Pachhi.

 Here is the lyrics for the song:

Timle Chhodi Gaya Pachhi
Nata todhi gaye pachi
Timle Chhodi Gaya Pachhi
Nata todhi gaye pachi
Eklo yatri bhayeko chhu
Bato modhi gaye pachi
Eklo yatri bhayeko chhu
Bato modhi gaye pachi…

Timlai dina mero maya
Kae kami bhayo sayad
Ya ta timro mann priya
Antai tira gayo sayad
Timro yad ma aja bholi
Jaso taso jiudai chhu ma
Atti ka pal metauna lai
Halka halka piudaichu ma
Doli chadi gaye pachi
Nata sabai todha pachi
Dhoja dhoja bhayo manna
Timle basae sare pachi…

Nasa ko maat bhanda pani ni
Maya ko maat ghatak rayecha
Malae maya garchu bhani
Sabai timro natak rayecha
Palayeka aasha jati
Sabai timila mare pachi
Abhagi lai chadi timle
Antai maya sare pachi
Aba dhekhi bhulera ni
Timro biswas gardina ma
Ghata garna bhemani ko
Kaela bhara pardina ma…………

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