Madhur Timro Boli by Naren Rai

Madhur Timro Boli is a New Aadhunik Sentimental Nepali Pop song by Naren Rai. The music video features by Mani K. Rai and Amysha Limbu. Madhur Timro Boli is a Nepali song by Naren Rai which is directed by Chakra Pulami. Madhur Timro Boli music video was Cinematographed by Roshan Shrestha.

The music of this song is composed by Dipesh Rai and lyrics was written by Suresh Rai. Madhur Timro Boli is a sentimental song which show that the person whom who love too much will leave us alone forever in this world. Naren Rai’s Madhur Timro Boli is a nice and soothing song with great melody. When you once listen this song, I am sure you will keep repeating it.

The music video is released officially online by SongsNepal via Youtube. Hope that you will enjoy this Melodious pop Song Madhur Timro Boli.

Here is the lyrics for the song:

Madhur timro boli
Sunu sunu lagne
Jati herda timilai
Kahilai napugne
Kasto sundar timima
Yo kasto sundar timima
Kasto sundar timima
Yo kasto sundar timima…

Pahilo choti dhekhe timilai
Aakha rashayo feri
Feri vete timilai
Maya basayo
Maya basayo
Maile rakhe timilai
Yo dilko majha
Vetna aunu malai
Vare sajha ma…

Maya garda timile pani
Saath diyau kurda
Kurda thake timilai
Kaha bilayo
Kaha bilayo
Manko kura vanchu
Timi suni deau
Timro pani hola
Malai vanideau
Kasto sundar timima
Yo kasto sundar timima
Kasto sundar timima
Yo kasto sundar timima…….

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