Nepali Comedy Short Film – Bike Vs. iPad

Watch Nepali comedy short film “Bike Vs. iPad” presented by Ur Style Entertainment. The film is filmed and directed by both Rupesh Thapa and Suresh Kafle. The work of editing in this film is done by Ddus Gajurel. The film stars Amrit Dhungana, Alisha Rai, Bharat Adhikary and other artists. The short film shows the story of two friends, where one friend (Amrit) has a bike and other (Bharat) has an iPad.

The film starts by showing Bharat using his iPad and Amrit getting ready for going out on a date and making fun of Bharat and as soon as Amrit leaves home, Bharat calls up his girlfriend. Later Amrit reaches to pick up Alisha. On the way while he says that they will go in a long ride, his bike suddenly stops. Later he fills up petrol, and again after a short period, his bike gets punctured. Because he didn’t have any money, he leaves his license at the garage.

After sometime, when everything becomes normal, a traffic police officer catches Amrit riding a bike without helmet and asks him to show his license and bluebook. Amrit, who had left his license at the garage says that he has his license inside pocket, but the police doesn’t listen to him and takes away his bike. Suffering from all those incidents, Alisha gets fed up and leaves the place.

After sometimes, Amrit reaches home and says all the incidents to Bharat and Bharat making fun of him says that iPad is more important rather than a bike to impress a girl.

This short comedy is also full of entertainment and also worth watching.

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